Who makes the BEST BBQ sauce?


Well, Virginians of course! We like to think that the BEST BBQ sauce was born and raised in RVA, the original home of barbeque in the United States. That's correct, sauce lovers. It wasn't North Carolina, Tennesee, Missouri, or Texas--none of which even existed when our country's ancestors (of the likes of Washington and Jefferson) were hosting and enjoying outdoor gatherings featuring slow, pit-cooked beef, pork, and game. . . barbecue. 

It is here in Richmond, Virginia (original home of BBQ) that the Comfort Brothers Kitchen was born to bring you the best sauces Virginia has to offer. 

So... Who Are the Comfort Brothers? 

In 2004, personal chefs Bill Hamby and Jim "Lefty" Starnes formed the Comfort Brothers-- a dynamic duo playing with knives and fire to bring a restaurant-quality dining experience to home dining rooms and parties throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The Comfort Brothers were a hit! And they still are. If you're curious about the one of a kind dining experience that they offer when they're not off writing books, brewing sauce, coaching baseball, and demonstrating that true Renaissance men are alive and well in the 21st century, please reach out to us here. 

On the side, Comfort Brother Jim "Lefty" Starnes has been perfecting and distributing his signature sauces for years as gifts to friends, family, and Comfort Brothers clients. Inspired by the response and requests for more and more sauce over the years, the decision was made to offer these premium sauce products to a broader clientele... you!

From Dream to Reality... 

After years of enjoying Comfort Brothers fare and ready for a change after 5 years in finance, Reed Blair (Jim’s son-in-law) jumped on board to assist in bringing Jim’s recipes to the market via Comfort Brothers Kitchen

Reed enjoys spending time in the kitchen almost as much as he enjoys eating. Although he used to stack empty pizza boxes in his room to see if they could touch the ceiling, he now believes that knowing where your food comes from is essential to any healthy diet and important for the environment. Because of this belief, Reed is always encouraging others to EAT LOCAL.

When Reed is not in the kitchen working on a new batch of sauce, he can be found reading about food, hanging with his 3 dogs on walks by the river, or teaching his nephews how to properly head a soccer ball.

Reed Blair Comfort Brothers Kitchen

Welcome to your final destination for Virginia-Style sauces, Comfort Brothers Kitchen. We hope you'll stay awhile.